A British political and media class that spent four years bitterly divided over its relationship with Europe finally is showing signs of moving on — leaving behind Brexit for an infatuation with American politics.

British newspaper columnists, paid to write about current affairs with some insight, opine solemnly on events in DC they watched on CNN from the safety of their North London armchairs. Our broadcast news updates us throughout the day on events Stateside. But both have to compete with the authentic American content that we can get such easy access to: Lockdown walks are accompanied by American political…

There is a lot of angry noise right now but also a noticeable, disturbing, silence.

The noise is coming, of course, from Black Lives Matter activists and their supporters and enablers.

The silence is coming from people who are normally happy to share their views but who are keeping their heads down and their mouths shut.

That is where we are in Britain in 2020. Many people are afraid to express their opinions.

And not without reason.

Raise your voice against against riots, statue smashing, police acquiescence, political opportunism and the accompanying corporate virtue-signaling; express any kind of concern at…

As Black Lives Matter becomes the latest American franchise to establish a presence in the UK, it is worth asking the question, what is the product they are selling us?

Similar to the recently re-opened American fast food chains, this drive-through activism, unfamiliar to the ways of Britain and its immigrant communities, offers little that is healthy and risks poisoning our body politic.

Britain already has its own anti-racist tradition, which reflect the particular history of this country and is shaped by the kind of communities that have settled here — predominantly from the Caribbean, Nigeria and other African states…

The ‘Maitlis Monologue’ has left the BBC exposed and raised questions about objectivity but the broader problem is a lack of political plurality in the broadcast media.

“Dominic Cummings broke the rules — the country can see that and it’s shocked the government cannot,” declared Emily Maitlis in her BBC Newsnight monologue on Tuesday.

There was plenty to argue with in that sentence but, you’ll probably be relieved to know, I am not going to focus on the issue of breaches, minor or otherwise, by Cummings.

Rather, instead, there were two words in her introduction which were particularly grating but…

Boris Johnson should not give into the opposition/media alliance that is hounding Dominic Cummings.

After day four of the persecution of Dominic Cummings, there is some puzzlement in most media and political circles as to how Boris Johnson’s chief advisor remains in his job.

The affair has been, after all, the kind of perfect storm that might well be expected to have see him off. A population frustrated by spending weeks in Britain’s version of lockdown has been presented with a story that is almost purpose-built to fuel anger and resentment: a man responsible for the rules that have kept…

When the bell tolled, at 10.05 pm on Thursday night and the BBC announced the results of their astonishingly accurate exit poll, the emotions of some of us who had feared a Corbyn victory, went through a head-spinning, rapid progression.

For me, firstly there was bewilderment at the scale of Boris Johnson’s victory. “What? 86? It can’t be right? Well it can’t be that wrong though can it? Maybe it’s 40? I’ll take 40, I’d take 20…..”

Then the wave of relief, a deep sense of release after those days of nerves, the stress and worry, of those phone calls…

Something has happened in this miserable general election campaign that few but the most pessimistic believed could ever occur in this country.

A party riddled with antisemitism and led by a man who has never ceased to ally with anti-Semites, including the most violent and murderous version, is set to receive around a third of the vote in a general election.

It is still within the realms of feasibility that the leader in question, Jeremy Corbyn, will walk into number 10 Downing Street on Friday morning.

Whether that happens or not, a third of this country has either decided to…

John Anderson

Writing about politics.

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